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Why I moved back to Nokia Lumia from Iphone 5S

(Copied from a different blog dated 25/10/2015

Since the inception of smartphones, I retained my loyalty to Nokia and upgraded from one of their nearly smartphone to Lumia 920 – the flagship model back then. Oh yes, I did fall for the hype of the deadly duo of Android and Samsung back in 2012 and did buy a mid segment phone. It was nice in terms of app. Only thing it failed me with was receiving calls as it kept dropping calls. I don’t blame the manufacturers for harboring the idea that the primary purpose of a smart ‘phone’ is smarting around with social apps and not really for making and receiving calls.

Coming back to Lumia phones, what I loved right from the beginning was the interface. It looked like a new generation interface totally different from Android and IOS. The attractiveness of the interface was proven by launch of apps in Android store to mimic the windows phone interface. But why I really moved to Lumia over its adversaries was because it had a better camera, it had and still is the only one to have offline GPS navigation, and was clearly the most durable hardware device (exclude the software). Having a matured NFC system back when IPhone probably did not even have it in its labs was another advantage.

Down the line, what frustrated me in Windows phone is the GPS navigation. While 100% offline was great and saved a lot of data for me, the effectiveness (not accuracy) of the navigation many times led me down. Many times it led me through longer routes without any reason. Other times, it led me through unimaginably inconvenient roads, which are not meant for driving a car at all. While making a long trip in UK, it reared its ugly face again and forced me to take 5+ hours for a drive of 3 hours. I went berserk and said enough is enough. I had always missed Google maps and so wanted it to be there on windows phone always. I now decided to go for a phone with fully functional Google maps. I opted against an android phone, as I did not find most of the models attractive. And while Samsung had couple of attractive options, they had very poor quality body material (PLASTICKY). This and buoyed by the fact that I happened to read Job’s biography and watch his movie around that time, I somehow ended up buying Iphone 5S. Now, before I go on my ranting about the reason, why I dumped the phone, please note that I am not an ardent and forceful anti-Apple guy. I own a Macbook and love it (currently typing on it).

So why did I get frustrated by Iphone 5S? To being with, what I liked. I liked everything that I was expecting from it – Google applications especially maps, more convenient access to my office web pages, access to some of the  service provider applications related to travel, bank and hotel which I used to do through web pages earlier on my windows phone. Another big advantage for me was that I loved reading ebooks/ pdfs on IPhone compared to my previous Lumia 920 as the IPhone was more comfortable to read from during nights lying on the bed, because of the extra weight of 920, I suppose. (My current Lumia 640 provides better reading than IPhone with a bigger screen and lighter weight)

That was pretty much it in terms of benefits. Moving to disappointments. My first disappointment was that I could not find a single simple run logging app such as track runner in Lumia. Second disappointment was the absence of glance screen. It’s a big feature for people used to it on Lumia. You get to see the time on your phone screen continuously without any/ negligible impact to battery. Its not a software thingy, it’s a hardware feature in Lumia and that’s why barely eats up battery. The deal and patience breaker for me was the camera. Don’t get me wrong. It takes decent pics. But, I genuinely use my phone as my only camera. And IPhone camera is just not that good. One moment of embarrassment for IPhone was when a much lower grade Lumia 640 could take a clear pic of the water meter reading in UK, whereas IPhone 5S just captured a black board for me all the time, no matter what setting I tried.  Lastly, I also noted that the body of IPhone 5S is also not as sturdy as is that of Lumia 920 for example. And yes, although this was not a big deal for me, but the interface of IOS looks downright stone age compared to that of windows phone. Last but probably the most damning problem I faced was that Iphone 6S reception was clearly worse than Lumia 920 and 640 using the same sim. Not only Iphone showed fewer bars, but I missed few calls and messages as well.

In a nutshell, based on the above shortcomings, I decided to go back to a Lumia. That too I made a downgrade from 920 to 640 because I had to suffer a loss on selling off my IPhone. I still miss Google maps and tight integration with Google services. For GPS navigation, I now manipulate Nokia’s Here Drive using lot of personal tricks and also take help of other navigation apps together to navigate my route. Overall, my Lumia phone is serving me much better. I have listed down differences between IPhone 5S and Lumia based on my personal use of Lumia 920, 640 and IPhone 5S.


Feature Comments Iphone Lumia
1 Camera Undoubtedly Lumia. There is hardly any difference in quality of pic in daylight between the two. But in darker conditions, Lumia trumps IPhone hands down. 0 1
2 Looks My wife found the look of Iphone so appaling that she preferred a Nexus over my Iphone. But, it could be argued that in the looks department, it would all boil down to personal preferences. And Apple might have a more perception based delusional feel good factor attached with its brand, which might make the device look better than it actually does. I will hand it to IPhone even though I personally find Lumia’s better looking in general. 1 0
3 Durability Dropped my Lumia 20+ times and have lost count. It has fallen on its screen quite a few times and the device keeps going on. I saw my friend’s Iphone smashing on falling on a walkway. Lumia by a long margin. 0 1
4 Apps Iphone, no arguments there. However, all really important apps are available on Windows in some form or the other. 1 0
5 Battery Lumia normally outlasts Iphone 0 1
6 Readability/ Screen Sharpness wise there is no difference to the naked eye. UI is ultra modern on windows phone and screen size makes for better reading for me personally. 0 1
7 WOW factor This is where Iphone beats the competition. The brand is associated with premium lifestyle and is perceived as an aspirational product. As such, people aspire to get their hands on it and own one. Kudos to Apple’s marketing supported by innovative product line through the years. 1 0
8 Signal reception While staying in TW, UK I found Iphone 6S receiving weaker signals compared to Lumia 920 and 640 using the same SIM. This was when I had moved from 920 to Iphone and then back to Lumia 640. Few times, I even missed calls and messages using Iphone. This was a very disturbing discovery indeed. 0 1
9 Rest Remaining features such as Wifi, USB, Audio, Video etc. are similar in both phones. 1 1

UPDATE on 30/12/16 – It has been painful to hold on to Lumia. Being an avid user of Google services, it was simply not possible to carry on with the brilliant piece of hardware that was Lumia. I have been back on Iphone 6 for sometime now, after being on LG G4 (Android). I have loved both these phones so far. But yes, if there was a Lumia today which would provide me access to Google services, I would jump back to them without batting an eyelid.



EDIT: I am currently back to Iphone. The eco system of Lumia never took off, a brilliant hardware put down by lack of software/app ecosystem.

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